Old Cars & Trucks in the Landscape

A selection of old abandoned cars and trucks shot in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, North & South Dakota and Alaska and processed and printed in black and white.  I don’t really “visualize” these as vehicles per se, but as historical pieces of “multi-dimensional  sculpture” that have become intertwined with the landscape.  The bent fenders, rust, broken discolored glass, bullet holes, and especially the wild grasses and flowers that have become “part” of the car or truck, is visually rich to me and is a good example of combining my love for “old things” with the natural landscape.  In a way, these  old vehicles from the past actually seem to take on a personality of their own.  They make me laugh....are they “out to pasture” or  “just relaxing and enjoying the view”!

.....and of course, one always wonders what stories these aged vehicles hold!


Drivin’...in the Old Motor Car, by Wagstaff (highly recommended!)