Bosque del Apache, NM

Ashokan Farewell by Dave Earnhardt

I have seen wonderful images taken at Bosque del Apache (“Woods of the Apache”) by various wildlife photographers over the years but I was not prepared for what I was about to experience.  Maybe is was the light, maybe the time of year,  possibly my mood, but this is one of the most astonishingly beautiful and inspiring places I have ever seen.

I was immediately enchanted by the landscape and knew this had to be recorded and printed in color.  I had one evening with the setting sun and the next morning with clouds and drizzle to photograph and in both circumstances the colors of the grasses held  lovely color saturation.

Bosque is a “forest” of grasses, trees, water and of course the abundant wildlife.  I was overwhelmed by the colors....very “winterish” in appearance...everything from deep rusts to bright yellow grasses.  The leafless trees had a deep brown to blackish bark which stood in contrast to the rest of the scenery.  These jpgs don’t do the amazingly delicate detail it’s due.

Link to a page of Bosque del Apache images converted to sepia toned monotone.