Beyond the Forest

In Nature’s Hands by Bobby Horton

“We walk through the forest yet go beyond”

I have always enjoyed photographing color or black and white, with and without leaves, in all seasons.  This is a new series shot with camera handheld (while walking my dog!) in a protected area in central Houston, the 155 acre Arboretum and Nature Center

When I view these images, I am reminded of the immensity and wonder of our natural surroundings. This series is in stark contrast to my Downtown Houston series yet use similar technique (hand held camera, wide lens, mostly pointing vertical).  This sanctuary serves as needed balance in a city that is otherwise overrun with no zoning high-rise development and urban sprawl.

Our forests do indeed take us “beyond”,  with it’s “...tonics and barks which brace  mankind”. ...Thoreau

***Selections from this series part of a juried exhibitions at the Center for Fine Art Photography, in Fort Collins, Colorado and the Central Campus of the Houston Community College.