“Visual connections with children whom life has dealt demanding challenges”
I began photographing children with disabilities for the Spina Bifida Association Summer Camp in 1988 where my daughter Christine was acting as their first disabled counselor. When my daughter died in 1989 during her sophomore year in college, I began searching for ways to help me deal with her loss, while maintaining my connections with these children. These needs resulted in an photographic series on physically challenged children. I try to not only tell about each child and their experience at a particular moment in time, but to ask the viewer to enter the child's world for a moment and experience some of what their life is all about. In experiencing the complexities of their laughter and sadness, dependence and independence and how these issues impact their relationships, we learn a little more about ourselves.  In the end, we learn a bit more about what courage is all about too.

Children Challenged
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